Why Thailand is best for medical tourism?

Why Thailand is best for medical tourism?

While it is advised to aim to stay out of the hospital while you are on vacation, a growing number of medical tourists, people who combine treatment with travel, are crossing international borders for the sole purpose of attaining medical services.

Since 2008, Medical tourism has evolved with $120 billion global industry influencing consumers, medical professionals, suppliers, destinations, government & public sector and third party facilitators. It is a multidisciplinary field of study that represents sectors of tourism, hospitality, medicine, ethics, law, sociology and psychological grounds. The fast progression of budding industry has drawn the attention of global media towards the South Asia medical tourism.

According to a survey conducted in 2012 by Nikko Asset Management, Asia has topped in gaining medical tourist attraction while Thailand has become world’s biggest medical tourism destination. Thailand welcomes 3 million medical tourists every year to generate huge revenue of $3.73 billion. There are multiple reasons why patients are attracted to Thailand with such a huge magnitude. Some major advantages to visit Thailand for medical procedures are discussed below.

1) Affordability

The most basic purpose to acquire medical tourism is the affordability of the procedure. Thailand medical processes and treatments are approx 40-70 percent cheaper than those offered in Australia and US. While the equivalent competency available in medical technology and facilities, the differences are solely because of the cost of labor.

2) Regional Hub

Thailand shares the spotlight with Singapore, Malaysia and India to form a regional medical tourism hub. Since the most popular medical travel acquired is for cosmetic surgery, the medical professionals of Thailand’s have provided remarkable cosmetic procedures with affordability. The competition was launched to drive tourist traffic towards the region where Thailand is already considered as the industry leader in the region.

3) Highly Trained Doctors and Staff

The medical technology and training that is provided to medical professionals, surgeons, doctors, physicians and paramedical is adept and globally accepted. With a so high ratio of medical tourism, Thailand offers latest and safe procedures performed by licensed and accredited staff only. Most of the medical professionals are qualified by medical associations of US and/or more than two countries.

4) Holistic & Alternative

A number of alternative treatments are also offered including holistic and complementary therapies from eastern and western ethnicities. The intention is to promote wellness and harmonious integration after surgery to body, mind and spirit.

5)   Tourist Destination

Thailand has multiple tourist attraction which has already drawn tourists from across the world. Its warm weather, effective tourism infrastructure, world famous Thai cuisine and exotic islands and sun-kissed beaches are always a great attraction for tourists from Europe, US and Australia especially. It is also an aviation hub in the south Asian region with all major international destinations aviation on a daily basis.